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I’m able to help you bypass your Hinge Ban - Tinder Ban or Shadowban in 10 minutes

Whether you got banned on Hinge or shadowbanned on Hinge or Tinder, I’m able to help you get your account back.

I don’t care why you got banned, my only thing is to help you get back on Hinge and find the love of your life!

Message me. (I’m getting hundreds of messages, so please bear with me)

100% satisfaction rate.

My number is +1 3108902161

The following people below have volunteered, for you to message them as proof that this works. Please be respectful to them when messaging or calling them

  • Vardan +1 201-208-9886

  • Usman +1 917-371-1507

  • Chris +1 213-222-8964

  • James +1 619-940-4714

  • Balboni +1 385-381-1471

  • Grisham +1 858-247-2324

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